There was a site, on a different server that was the old whm site.

This is kinda that site.

I do a lot of techie, geeky crap for fun, I do it for a living with an internet company so many other folks don't have to. I talked a lot of crap about going to school. And I did that. But for something totally different than when I started.

In my other world, I write. Hence all of the blogs and such. In fact, I run a publishing company, and I am a novelist. I went to Michigan State, became a Spartan, and earned paper in Journalism in their school of Communications.


So when you see the dark green mixed in with the old blue, that's why. I can't help it, I'm loyal.

Go Green! Go White!

But this blog is not about that. It's still about technology and all of the assorted topics, even if I am shoving a few things back into the archive bin.

This will move forward as well. I want to cover mobile technology as I deal with it, which should become more of a thing in 2023.

Enjoy the rambling! I might even review a whiskey here and there for old time's sake.