For those of you that were following me on the 100 Days of This And That, I do apologize. I got badly sidetracked. And in a good way. I became a published and full-time writer. I have now published two books and working on a third.

Sorry about that.

Now my reach is extending and I found another language that I think I want to work in that either produces love or hostility. Not sure why that is, exactly, but it s a thing.

I am adding Esperanto to my repertoire. I chose to talk about it here because I will be converting many of my written works in the past to this language, and I am also going to work in other areas to push the language forward because I have seen some pretty amazing things with it.

It is without a doubt the easiest language I have ever attempted to learn, and within two or three days you can go to the Vikipedia for Esperanto ands pretty much pick out what the articles are about without a lot of learning under your belt.

It's very good for internationaization.

I will very likely write about it on my author blog, but I have begun several plans, and I would like very much to contribute to this effort and see improvement in the access and quality of information and entertainment in the language so that it can be enjoyed by a larger range of people.

I did not say number, English can handle numbers, I said range. In Esperanto, people from diverse cultures can understand the same thing without English or a major language and can understand the feeling that is behind it, or get a clearer sense of the vision, and this might just be what we need right now in the world.

I am going to begin with my own works, but I plan to work on an Esperanto online paper that can have realtively open submission and can be somewhat widely read. We'll see what happens with that.

Either way, it will be yet another good exercise in usability.