Not your normal blog

I realised that I needed a newer and different blogging platform for  my development server, one that I could produce code snippets and all of  the geeky stuff that I like to do in a way that is public facing, but  not that public facing.

Frankly, this was a pain in the ass to put in even though they said  it would be easy. I had a couple of little issues that I had to get  through in order to get this thing up and running and produce the page  that you currently see before you.

The first issue was finally fighting my way through the MariaDB setup of the database and user. It should have been simple enough, but it's  been a while since I've done it so I had problems there. But I muddled  my way through it all.

Second was that when you first set Chyrp up, you have to make various  directories world writable and that caused me a few hiccups as I had  forgotten my basics and how to add the a+w attribute to the chmod  command in order to pull that off. For those that need to know, the cached directory in under the includes directory. I had created three versions of the directory before I discovered that it was there by looking at the code. So don't make that mistake if you can help it.

So I got the thing setup, as bland as it is, and as it's supposed to  be, and I got another error when I went into the admin panel: "Call to  undefined function: simplexml_load_string()" and it errored out. I was  about to get furious all over again, and then I realised that this is a  server to hack on things, so I might as well hack my way through it. So  here's the answer:

You will need to install php7.0-xml (correct for your version of PHP,  of course) and then go into your php.ini and uncomment the line for  extension=php_xmlrpc.dll. Then restart php and all is good!

So here we are...

This is the beginning of what is not a happy public blog for the casual reader. It's for the angry hacker pissed off at yet another crappy set of code (we are all so opinionated...) that is not doing what we want to do and we need to fix  it, or I need to document, update, bitch, code, whatever the hell it is  I'm doing in the background.