Yep. Gotcha again.

Melanie is a Debian 11 that I am installing to a persistent USB drive for use alongside Windows 11.

It's not that I don't like Roxie (my Debian 11 on Windows WSL), in fact I like her a lot. It's just that I need a good install with X and i3, and I want it to be separate from the Windows in most cases because I intend to use it for work, and to get off my crappy Mac.

I started by installing a version on my older HP laptop with 8G of memory, but it has a battery that wants to commit hari-kiri and I'm not quite for buying a new battery at the moment.

Sot he question is what would be the most secure and the most removable, as well as have the most functional power?

My Windows laptop has specs that make the mac bow and beg for mercy. Like three times the power of the MacBook Pro I have here.

What I have learned off the bat was that Windows 11, especially with Insider like I have, does not play well with Oracle Virtualbox. But Oracle hasn't played well with anything since I've known about them, and that's going on 30 years now.

Virtualbox played stupid, grabbed its marbles, and pouted in the corner.

I grabbed a second drive and used Rufus to burn it over into a bootable drive. After rebooting, I was able to launch that copy, install onto the first USB that was a USB3 drive in a USB3 port. Then, with the next reboot, Melanie Mod was born.

She's so adorable.

Now I can get some better tools, work my way into replacing the Mac, and hopefully poke all the right holes to get some actual speed here. And Debian 11 looks beautiful on this Acer Aspire.

I'm glad I have Melanie on the thumb drive because it also forces me to be more mindful about what I'm doing and when. I'm finishing this article on Melanie, but I know that I will have to shutdown at some point and continue working on other things on her roommate, Roxie (the Windows 11 side).

Yes, all of my machines are named after the dolls my daughter loves, and I have an actual one of each to hang out over my desk and supervise. They are almost the same as the coding duck, but different.

I got zsh in, got my agnoster theme modified with the right color, and pulled in some of my favorites including tldr and tmux, that I use for quite a few things. I'm sure I will be customizing over the weekend, fighting with the wifi network here to make it work better, and pushing along to get this bootable ready for work time consumption.

But I'll bring up more on that over the next few days. Right now, it's time to nap.