Next Sunday is a very big day for me, and it is almost a reckoning of sorts. I hit a number. A relatively decent sized number, but with all the advances in technology and life science, and the extensions in longevity, I am not too worried.

Just worried enough to get myself into gear and decide exactly what I want to be when I grow up. And just about everything involved in that is listed on the front page of this site, so I'm not going too far outside what you already see.

I won't say that the coronavirus particularly had anything to do with it, but the timing seemed to match up. Just wanted to break the idea of there being any kind of a connection. With that said, I did have a bit of fear that bad things might happen, and now I have a sense of urgency, especially after Sunday.

Holy shit, I can do math!

No kidding, I went and re-learned arithmetic because I have spent years saying "I suck at math," and "I can't do math" only to find (delightfully) that the notion was utter crap. So I decided to actually do something about it. I can do math, and it is only going to get more complicated and more fun to do. Who knows when I will get to do all of that silly crap again? Tomorrow? I can even do a lot of it in my head now.

Who knew?

I'm picking up the python and in a few months I might be able to truthfully call myself a programmer with at least one original thought on code in my head. There's been a few cute little segments in the course that I have been proud of, dinky as they might have been.

Chatbots. I'm sneaking that little two hour course in for the sheer hell of it next week, and I'm gonna pull that card out when I need it for classes later. Rei needs to be able to talk to me, but it's steps at a time, and chat will need to be an iteration of that to help form her logic. The more and better information she can give me, the better off I am.

If she can tell me my health situation on a dime, I am set. I want to outlive Abe Vigoda. You should all have tickers on your VR internet session with little floaty characters that say, "Wirehead is alive," and you'll be all happy and excited every morning when you see that. And then, in a perfect world, when I am 102 and check out of the Walmart line of Life, you'll say, "well, damn. We're gonna have to figure out some other old fuck to stalk now. They froze Dick Clark."

After this certificate barrage, I shift to MIT for Computational Thinking in Python, which should help improve what I'm learning now.

(I'm not being arrogant or self-absorbed, this is a report. I'm reporting on the state of things. Keep up.)

After some other things I have in mind and no idea what order I am going to take or pay for them, Columbia has a nice MicroMasters program in AI I think might be in the realm of what I need to pad knowledge with. I hope by then to have much more experience at it and be able to fund the learning more easily.

In the meantime, it appears that fluid movement and less discussion except when necessary, useful, or at the very least fun and fulfilling is the way to go from here. Which means more posts.

Because I can't shut up. Especially about this stuff.